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2012-05-14 01:52 pm
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[sticky entry] Sticky: Verses & PSLs

does what it says on the tin :')


[ + ] old testament [ou] { with [ profile] notahammer & [personal profile] covencrackers
[ + ] don't tempt me [au] { with [personal profile] angelabsolute
[ + ] winchester gospel [au] { with [ profile] notahammer [personal profile] apoxuponyou

[ + ] original { with [personal profile] apoxuponyou 
[ + ] council of angels { with [personal profile] apoxuponyou , [personal profile] covencrackers , [ profile] notahammer, [personal profile] unruly & [ profile] lost_myshoe
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2012-05-14 02:14 pm

Dogmanatural: Don't Tempt Me

don't tempt me

Loki, the Angel of Death, was once pupil to the archangel Michael, Field Commander of Heaven's Army. Their relationship has always been different, but now that Loki has become an experienced angel in his own right he can't help but come to the realization that what started as mentoring turned into something else a long time ago. Now he seeks to understand how they can both come to terms with what they mean to each other.



  1. Hell's Gates | Loki's Problem
  2. Hell's Gates | Michael's Problem
  3. Alexandria | Loki Waits
  4. Alexandria » Desert | Michael Heals
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2010-12-29 11:00 am
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death&disease: With added sprigs of mistletoe

Loki had been busy.

In truth, he was always busy and sometimes, every now and then, he took a moment to feel sadness for that. For as long as humans sinned, he would be around to bring about Judgement.

He didn't question his Father's Orders, nor did he shy away from a job. But lately? Lately he was busier than usual. Not because people were sinning more than usual (it was Christmas, after all, and Loki was always pleased to find that his job got a little easier over the holidays), but because he was trying to get everything done so he could take a few hours to wish Pestilence a-- well, a happy something.

It was on his way back from Hell for the last time before stopping off to see her that he cursed himself for thinking two things. The first: whether he should find some sort of gift for the Horseman. Neither of them celebrated Christmas, and while Loki celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ on the actual day, Pes didn't. The present idea was out the window soon enough, replaced by the second thought: did he look okay? 

Growling his obvious frustration at where his mind was headed, he didn't notice anything amiss until he was standing right in the middle of a broken apartment. Pes's broken apartment. He wasn't proud to admit the few seconds he let panic flood into him, Grace having to work extra hard to expel and force him into warrior mode. This wasn't good. He could still feel her though, too strong to just be the lingering feel of her apartment, and without hesitation he burst through one of her windows, glass shattering everywhere on the sidewalk below as he took to the skies.
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2010-12-19 08:50 pm

[OOC] Merry Christmas!

Sooo. This year, for Christmas, I've decided to do something a little different for everyone. Instead of writing fic, I've decided it'd be fun to do a "free for all" on threads. This is how it works:

1. Pick one of my muses from the list below;
2. Pick one of your muses and a scenario or SL you'd like to play out;
3. You can either comment here or PM me what you'd like and I'll set the thread up and make it work!

A few notes:
1. You can be as cracky as you like. It is Christmas after all, and this is supposed to be fun!
2. I only have two conditions: Wincest and mpreg squiiicks me bigtime. So. Sadly I can't promise I'll do either of those. Aside from that, feel free to go as nuts, fluffy, angsty, cracky or sad as you like.
3. If you follow any of these muses' verses and would like your thread to be based on one of those, that's fine, but it won't be counted unless mutually agreed with the muse's versemates!
4. As of now, though I have a while off over Christmas to have free for all funtimes, I can't pick up any new verses. :(
5. Rating can go all the way up to NC-17, but I'll be locking those for adult-content.

Dean Winchester [SPN] [ profile] iamwinchester - canon
Dean Winchester [SPN] [ profile] fearlessleader - future
Loki [Dogma] [ profile] believeinthis
Archangel Suriel [OC] [ profile] commandofgod
Merlin [BBC's Merlin] [ profile] lights_his_way

Thanks & Merry Christmas!

Cooks x
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2010-06-11 10:50 pm

Death&Disease!Verse/Loki realizes his mistake/Loki & Pestilence

Loki hadn't so much managed to continue with his duties as fought with renewed conviction. Jeremiel had shown him what Pestilence was really like. How she'd tricked him into thinking he was more than just a conquest. He hadn't been back to Heaven since because he didn't need to. He knew his path.

Except it didn't stay that way. That feeling of righteousness faded. He hadn't heard from his Father in a long time, and Jeremiel's powers could only last so long over him before he remembered his feelings. He remembered what it felt like to care for more than just punishment of sinners. He remembered her. The way she challenged every part of who he was. He remembered how she felt. And he'd destroyed her. He'd brought the wrath of Jeremiel down on her. Not the wrath of his Father.

It didn't take him long to sense her, to know where she was, hidden away. She couldn't stay hidden from him. When he landed, it was silently, though he was polite enough to clear his throat and cast his eyes to the ground. Suddenly he remembered what it felt like to know guilt.
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2010-01-01 04:02 pm

RP for [ profile] covencrackers

[Set after this]

Loki was halfway across Russia when they finally caught up with him. Four of them, each trying to drag him back to Heaven for his punishment. He didn't make a sound as he struggled against them, swiping and crashing his wings into them mid-air. But four was too many to fight off at once, and they overpowered him after a while, knocking him out and flying him less than gently back Home.

He came to on the cold, hard floor, the punishment cells of their paradise looking something more like Hell. He's seen similiar there, anyway. He'd been here before, delivering his kin for their own punishment, and now, by some cosmic mistake, he was thrown before Jeremiel, wings clipped and useless.  There was no escape from here until they were finished with him and he knew that.
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2009-11-03 06:45 pm
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2009-09-18 11:39 pm
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[For [ profile] apoxuponyou] Death&Disease!Verse - An Awry Fight

It was always the small ones you had to watch out for. Loki never liked it when the demons came from Downstairs to possess a child. And they always reminded him very much of raptors, back in the time of the dinosaurs. Small but nasty little things.

So he was making sure his attention was fully on the pack of them that were having a nice time trying to rip him to pieces. He'd dealt with two already, banishing the demons back to Hell.
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2009-09-04 08:44 pm
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[For [ profile] apoxuponyou] Death&Disease!Verse - Texas Treats

Loki tried telling himself that he hadn't chosen this particular job for a reason. Texas was full of sinners, and it wasn't like he didn't have to go there a lot anyway. But he could feel her close.

Annoyed at the distraction, he regarded the man he'd come to judge - he looked no more remorseful in the face of Judgement than he had been in life, and the angel was glad at least that this was going to be a relatively straightforward punishment.

"Richard Matthews. You have sinned in life and broken almost every commandment in existance. You are to be Judged by Almighty God and punished-" He looked the part, he knew that much. Foreboding. Powerful. Scary. But something flashed out of the corner of his eye and his sentence was cut off halfway through as he looked to his left, frowning at whatever dared to stumble upon this Act of God.
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2009-08-31 01:41 am
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[For [ profile] apoxuponyou] Death&Disease!Verse - Another one of those Thin

It wasn't like he'd even been watching, this time. He'd been too busy over in Australia having been sent down on another one of his bush fire exercises. It wasn't exactly as impressive as his raining down sulphur days, but it kept him busy and at least he didn't end up too out of practice. He couldn't exactly let his smiting skills get flabby. Especially after being jumped by demons only a few nights before. Embarrassing, was what it was.

Before he returned Upstairs, though, he thought he'd indulge himself in a late night flight across the planet.

His tracking skills had never failed him, and it wasn't long before Pestilence was back on his radar. It wasn't like he'd been thinking about her all that much. And he definitely wasn't seeking her out. Obviously. But his instincts were telling him to find her and see what trouble she'd caused or gotten herself into this time.

Unable to get her confused with anybody else on the planet, he landed with more grace than anybody ever gave him credit for, and managed all of two steps before the picture painted before him struck him as wrong. Very fucking wrong.

"Hey Pes?" He was kneeling by her side with angel speed, frowning at the damage that had been caused. Nothing he knew of could take on Disease and inflict wounds like these aside from... one of their own.

"Hey?" Memories of the other night flooded back into his head, and while the woman got under his skin in every way imaginable, and he was supposed to be kicking her ass for the stunts she pulled, he couldn't ignore this. Couldn't let her lie here the way she was.

Unable to rouse her, he reached down, lifting her into his arms and holding her close to his chest as he took to the air, wings beating hard to carry them both to some place safer. He'd probably get a spanking for this tomorrow from the big bosses upstairs, but whether he liked it or not, he owed her this much at least.

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2009-08-08 09:33 pm



LOKI is hereby ordered to proceed to CUBA to complete the mission CONSUMMATION OF BONDING.

He is not to return for four days - CASTIEL is also relieved of duty.


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2009-04-09 10:53 am
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OOC: Because... some people are having SERIOUS issues with the definition of 'fun'.

Okay, so... I get that some people have no life. And despite my greatest hopes, wank exists everywhere. But seriously, why the hell are people getting so ridiculous over irony!verse? I mean, someone's actually made a Livejournal account to openly mock it? o.O Wow. Get a job? Go to school? I don't know, do something productive?

You know what I think it is? Jealousy. You can tell people over and over "yeah, this verse is actually totally cracky because it's FUN" and they'll still be on your case, accuse you of not knowing the definition of irony and actually be rather anally retentive about it. Why? Because a) they wished they'd been there in the beginning and b) people don't like other people having a good time.

Guess what? I'm perfectly happy to play in this verse WITHOUT your assistance. I don't need you to educate me. Much as I appreciate you pretending you're trying your best to teach us 'retards'... I have a degree, thank you very much. I know the definition of 'irony', and BTW! IT'S A FUCKING ROLE PLAY. It's a bit of fun. Fun! Obviously you're a little unsure of the definition of fun.

How about... you go look up "fun" in the dictionary (you can totes use here if your dictionary of anally retentive BORINGNESS isn't sitting right by your side) and ACTIVELY ENGAGE IN IT. You never know. It might do you some good. I mean, who the hell are you? The RP police?! O.O GO OUTSIDE AND GET A TAN OR SOMETHING. There's a WHOLE world out there.

Other thing? How about keeping the wank OFF SWS? I mean... as far as I can see, all irony posts have been clearly labelled as such. And nobody's forcing you, or anyone else for that matter, to read it. Do yourself a favour and just.... don't click? And then we don't have to see you bringing the wank to SWS.

In summary (btw, I didn't feel the need to throw in a ton of long words people don't generally use unless they're a teensy bit insecure about their own intelligence - OOH, BURN.), if you can't play nicely, don't play at all. And certainly don't openly take the piss out of people in irony!verse when you have a sodding character in it. You know what that is? That's being a two-faced tosspot. And a total coward, too.

Don't argue with me. I'm British.